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However the Knightcrawler fails when Steppenwolf catched a missile and threw it against the wall, which then causes the harbor to flood which permits Steppenwolf to flee. Batman then jumped down into the Knightcrawler and saved Wonder Woman after a Parademon managed to briefly knock her out. Cyborg then falls into the Knightcrawler and hacks … Read more

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They’re incredibly durable, capable of deflecting even Ares’ massive bolts of lightning and Doomsday’s tremendously powerful and destructive thermal attack. You could also be thinking that this is inconceivable, especially resulting from her bracelets and lightning fast pace deflecting them. Regenerative healing issue: Resulting from her Amazon physiology, Wonder Woman can heal from wounds at … Read more

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Choose from our vary of funny and lovable Halloween costumes — like this inflatable Alien costume and make your pals snicker. If you are able to make a critical commitment — and yes, we’re speaking about dressing up as your favourite cute twosomes — you’ve come to the best place. Kourtney Kardashian and youngsters, Mason, … Read more